Raita Cooler Recipe

Hello Diary Lovelies….

Who does not like Raita? Probably we all do. In fact, in this summer season, Raita is must with dinner. Raita is basically a flavored yogurt but not churned and frozen. You can make raita with a number of ways.. but I will share my favorite.

Today I am in the mood of the kitchen writing. Will share you my lovely recipe of Raita which is loved by all in my family. The best thing about this raita is that you don’t mix up water and your Raita stays thick and sweet for longer hours.

I name this Raita as cooler since it contains all cool ingredients like mint, coriander leaves, and cucumber. The Raita is very easy but you have to make sure that you use fresh curd.


  1. mint leaves
  2. Coriander leaves (fresh)
  3. Cucumber (grated)
  4. Fresh non-flavored curd
  5. Salt and cumin powder

Ok, I am not seasonal chef or blogger who would suggest you exact measurements. and since this recipe is quite easy and not rocket science you can use your ingredient as per your taste and likeliness.

Churn few mint leaves n coriander leaves in the grinder. If you are not able to grind it dry, not worry. Instead of using water, mix 2 spoons of curd in in jar. Your mint leaves will be ground good 🙂

Take about 3 bowls of curd and pass it through the sieve so that your curd looks even. Add the mint paste to curd. Now add grated cucumber in the curd. don waste the cucumber water, use it in the raita. And finally, add salt and cumin power to the raita.

Your Cooler Raita is done. See! so easy and you will love it.

Do give it a try and lemme know.

Love n Hugs



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