What I think of me

Hello Lovelies,

Do you often try to assess yourself? As what kind of person you were five years back and what kind of person you have become now. Well, I do!

Do not think of me as pessimistic. I don’t look down upon myself. But I think assessing yourself from time to time is really important. It tells you about your strength, flaws, and mistakes you made in your life.

Today, I was thinking about my earlier days. I used to be a fun loving person with lil adventure. I was always ready to take up challenges, but now when I think about it, I feel as if “no I don’t need it” :P. Maybe age is taking its toll :))

I still love adventure, when now I feel lil insecure with the idea. I feel what will happen if it fails. That’s fear huh!  But time has made me a strong person, I’m a more mature person than I used to be then. There have been some incidents in my life which taught me the value of perseverance and family and I shall be very grateful to my destiny that those incidents occurred in my life. Not just to teach me lessons but also to polish me.




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