Thinking of a Place where I feel happy

Hello Lovelies,

It is been 2 days that I didn’t post anything. Today while thinking of as what should I write, I came across a blog where the author was generous enough to share with his readers about what topics you can write upon. I thought it as a good prompt.

The very first point of the author struck me of beautiful days of my childhood in Surat. Yes, I was brought up in Surat, Gujarat. I still remember the good old days in Surat, our school, our home and my friends. I believe you can make very good friends only in your childhood. If you try to make friends in your adults, that’s really not possible (at least it goes for me).

I still remember my home in Surat, it was near to school, we could literally hear the school bell from our house 😀

It was total fun being in Surat, though I do not complain about my current city since I spent my childhood in Surat, Its more special and I think it is the place I felt Happiest :)..

Be Happy With Whatever you have right now Because it matters most!!!

Loves n Hugs



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