Launching my blog with this first post

hello, all lovelies…

I am Binny here and I must admit that I am big time chatter and writer by nature. I Love writing and giving my heart our with my write-ups. Though I will admit that I have never been a diary writer.

I am an open book and with this blog, I will share my views, my understanding with the things which we feel, see, experience in day to day life. Believe me, the blog is not life but it is a better way to express yourself and learn new things in life.

In Binny’s Diary, I will not bore you with my relationship or any kind of personal talks. In fact, I plan to tell you about the new things I learn in my life, the problems you might face or way to overcome, I will also review the things and kinds of stuff I love using in my daily life and will share my latest tried and tested recipe for you all.

Looking forward to your responses and love for me.

Luvs n Hugs




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