Fiction Buff!

Hello Lovelies…

What do you do in your free time? I bet you must be watching TV or reading magazine. Free time is the time when you like doing things that relax your mind and body. And believe me, I love watching and reading fiction stuff. And by fiction I literally mean stories 🙂

When I get free time, I like watching series on Netflix. I am a paid member of the App and love it to the core. The streaming is superb and smooth. I like all kinds of fiction series but please no romantic. 😛

My all time favorite is How I Met Your Mother and probably the first series that made me fall in love with all TV series based outside India. Huh! I still remember the love for Ted when I used to watch the episodes and envy Robin 😀 But Barney was also charming 😉

If you people have not watched HIMYM, please do. I am sure you will like it. I will also tell you about some more series in my list, in my next post.

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Raita Cooler Recipe

Hello Diary Lovelies….

Who does not like Raita? Probably we all do. In fact, in this summer season, Raita is must with dinner. Raita is basically a flavored yogurt but not churned and frozen. You can make raita with a number of ways.. but I will share my favorite.

Today I am in the mood of the kitchen writing. Will share you my lovely recipe of Raita which is loved by all in my family. The best thing about this raita is that you don’t mix up water and your Raita stays thick and sweet for longer hours.

I name this Raita as cooler since it contains all cool ingredients like mint, coriander leaves, and cucumber. The Raita is very easy but you have to make sure that you use fresh curd.


  1. mint leaves
  2. Coriander leaves (fresh)
  3. Cucumber (grated)
  4. Fresh non-flavored curd
  5. Salt and cumin powder

Ok, I am not seasonal chef or blogger who would suggest you exact measurements. and since this recipe is quite easy and not rocket science you can use your ingredient as per your taste and likeliness.

Churn few mint leaves n coriander leaves in the grinder. If you are not able to grind it dry, not worry. Instead of using water, mix 2 spoons of curd in in jar. Your mint leaves will be ground good 🙂

Take about 3 bowls of curd and pass it through the sieve so that your curd looks even. Add the mint paste to curd. Now add grated cucumber in the curd. don waste the cucumber water, use it in the raita. And finally, add salt and cumin power to the raita.

Your Cooler Raita is done. See! so easy and you will love it.

Do give it a try and lemme know.

Love n Hugs


What I think of me

Hello Lovelies,

Do you often try to assess yourself? As what kind of person you were five years back and what kind of person you have become now. Well, I do!

Do not think of me as pessimistic. I don’t look down upon myself. But I think assessing yourself from time to time is really important. It tells you about your strength, flaws, and mistakes you made in your life.

Today, I was thinking about my earlier days. I used to be a fun loving person with lil adventure. I was always ready to take up challenges, but now when I think about it, I feel as if “no I don’t need it” :P. Maybe age is taking its toll :))

I still love adventure, when now I feel lil insecure with the idea. I feel what will happen if it fails. That’s fear huh!  But time has made me a strong person, I’m a more mature person than I used to be then. There have been some incidents in my life which taught me the value of perseverance and family and I shall be very grateful to my destiny that those incidents occurred in my life. Not just to teach me lessons but also to polish me.



Thinking of a Place where I feel happy

Hello Lovelies,

It is been 2 days that I didn’t post anything. Today while thinking of as what should I write, I came across a blog where the author was generous enough to share with his readers about what topics you can write upon. I thought it as a good prompt.

The very first point of the author struck me of beautiful days of my childhood in Surat. Yes, I was brought up in Surat, Gujarat. I still remember the good old days in Surat, our school, our home and my friends. I believe you can make very good friends only in your childhood. If you try to make friends in your adults, that’s really not possible (at least it goes for me).

I still remember my home in Surat, it was near to school, we could literally hear the school bell from our house 😀

It was total fun being in Surat, though I do not complain about my current city since I spent my childhood in Surat, Its more special and I think it is the place I felt Happiest :)..

Be Happy With Whatever you have right now Because it matters most!!!

Loves n Hugs


Hot June 2017

Hello Lovelies…

Yeah! you might guess that today I share with you about Hot monsoon June. OMG! monsoon has just started but the humidity level is rising and so is the temperature of the climate. I just hate monsoons as it ruins my skin and hairs.

Today I will share with you, my monsoon hack for saving your hair and skin. Personally, I kind of shed my hairs in monsoon. 3 months of monsoon are really heck for me. My skin feels oily and my hairs get dry.

For this problem, I try to take care of my hairs n skin, by nourishing them on daily basis. Basically, I don’t follow a regime, but in monsoon you need an extra love for your skin n hairs.

For Hairs

For your monsoon dry hairs, you must try oiling your hairs every alternate night and wash them off with your daily shampoo in the morning. The oil nourishes your hairs and gives them extra love with restoring the moisture in your hairs. For extra conditioning, you can add a tablet of camphor in your hot oil and apply (for little shine).

Another way to nourish your dry hairs is to use Patanjali Aloevera gel. This gel is useless for my skin, as I have oily skin. But very effective for dry hairs. Simply, add a spoon of aloe vera gel and lemon juice to a bowl and add some almond hair oil drops to it. Apply it to your hairs n scalp for 30 short minutes and wash off. You can also steam your hairs for conditioning. This is as good as 1000rs Spa in a salon.

For dull and oily Skin

There are many blogs n vlogs that will tell you as to how to manage with oily skin. But I will tell you my own experience with my oily skin. In monsoons, I get this shine on my face which is not very good. To remove oil from my face I prefer scrubs. Face Scrubs are the best way to remove oil and dullness from your face. You can use any readily made scrubs from the market. Or use my favorite scrub (DIY) to remove oil.

For this Binny special DIY scrub, you need a spoonful of besan, rice flour, and orange lentils flour (aka masoor daal ka atta). Just mix it with your favorite combiner like simple cold water, rose water or milk and apply. Important part comes now!!!

Once you have applied it, let it dry for 10 minutes and then start scrubbing it. Mind well to stand in your bathroom near wash basin while scrubbing it, else you will end up messing your room 😉

Give very gentle strokes and then again let it dry and then wash off. Feel the Magic!!!

Hope you like my ideas and will try. Do let me know in the comments whether you like my monsoon skincare and haircare regime.

Luvs n Hugs,


Launching my blog with this first post

hello, all lovelies…

I am Binny here and I must admit that I am big time chatter and writer by nature. I Love writing and giving my heart our with my write-ups. Though I will admit that I have never been a diary writer.

I am an open book and with this blog, I will share my views, my understanding with the things which we feel, see, experience in day to day life. Believe me, the blog is not life but it is a better way to express yourself and learn new things in life.

In Binny’s Diary, I will not bore you with my relationship or any kind of personal talks. In fact, I plan to tell you about the new things I learn in my life, the problems you might face or way to overcome, I will also review the things and kinds of stuff I love using in my daily life and will share my latest tried and tested recipe for you all.

Looking forward to your responses and love for me.

Luvs n Hugs